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What is a Rating Point?

A rating point is a standard measure used in advertising. It represents the number of listeners or viewers as a percentage of the population.

Ratings are calculated using Average Quarter Hour Persons (AQH) and population. AQH simply means the number of people listening/viewing for at least 5 minutes in a 15-minute period.

As an example, 12,900 AQH Persons are listening to the #1 radio station Monday 8a-8:15a. We divide this number by the total population to find the rating.

We take this rating and multiply it by the number of commercials scheduled to run. This gives us our Gross Rating Points (GRPs). Essentially, the sum of all rating points achieved after a schedule runs.

0.8% rating x 75 commercials = 60 Gross Rating Points

Radio is our preferred medium as it continues to act as America’s #1 Reach medium. 91% of Adults 18+ are reached each month (Source: Nielsen Audio Today, June 2023).

Our goal when putting together a buy is to dominate the market. We want to buy 400 GRPs in small and medium size markets and 200+ GRPs in larger markets.

This strategy allows us to reach 60% of the audience 6x-7x after a one-week buy. Did you know, you can multiply Reach x Frequency to see your GRPs? For example, 60% Reach x 7 Frequency = 420 GRP’s. These numbers continue to increase as we run consistent weeks.

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