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Portrait of Jerry DeFalco, the head of Jerry DeFalco Advertising, with a friendly and confident smile. The image shows Jerry in grayscale against a painterly background with bold red and white brush strokes, symbolizing creativity and dynamism in the advertising industry.


Jerry began his career in Advertising in 1992. He started as a copywriter and then excelled as an Account Executive. In a short period of time, he became one of the youngest Ad Agency Presidents in the Nation. In 2008 Jerry opened his own ad agency which has enjoyed remarkable success for JDA and more importantly, their clients! Today, Jerry is considered to be one of the leading minds in the Advertising field and has clients across the nation.

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Jerry DeFalco Advertising has been in business since 2008!  We know… our timing wasn’t great… but we made it! =] We have 22 dedicated professionals who speak several languages.  We’re best know for creative and… changing people's lives. We know it sounds crazy but when you increase a clients’ traffic by 150% with campaigns that are entertaining instead of annoying… they sell a lot more product, create a lot more friends, and drastically increase revenue… that’s life changing.

Our clients tell us that people come in DAILY reciting lines from their commercials and joking about the ads. And your sales staff?  They buy-in 100% because friends, family, and customers are telling them how great their ads are. Not to mention the increase in traffic that everyone loves.  At JDA we marry Traditional and Digital media better than anyone because we understand the value in each.  Digital puts you in front of the 1% of in-market shoppers and Tradition reaches that 1% plus the 99% that can buy later.  If you question whether Radio and TV are still alive and well… look at a posting report.  It’s clear, the masses are still there.  So reach the masses AND utilize Digital to put your red 2022 Kia Telluride in front of the person who is actively searching for a red 2022 Kia Telluride.  Both mediums have tremendous value.     


At JDA, we hold ourselves accountable by running weekly analytics.  Traditional media drives Organic and Direct sessions and we truly spike them!  Week one you can expect at LEAST a 40% increase.  Week 2 we typically see double.  Paid sessions are tracked to calculate cost per VDP view, cost per lead and time on site.  We then work with the website company, the BDC, and the store Manager to make sure all columns grow at the same rate. We take responsibility and work with you on all 4 steps of the process:  Sessions, sessions to leads, leads to appointments, appointments to sales.

At JDA, we write and produce, both audio and video, in-house.  We have over 30 voice talents, actors and voice impersonators who cover all demographics and read in multiple languages.  We have a veteran team of media buyers whose relationships and knowledge achieve exceptional reach and typically set political rates. Our digital team utilizes 1st party data.  We do weekly Teams Video meetings to discuss our budget/strategy, track your market share, compare your inventory to your competitors, track leads, and track VDP views, while pushing your inventory in front of low funnel active shoppers. 

So what are you waiting for? 


Contact us today! 

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1060 Maitland Center Commons Blvd., Ste. 410
Maitland, FL 32751


(407) 661-3131

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