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Celebrating 15 years in business!

Statement from the CEO:

In September of 2008 JDA was born. As you all remember it was a tulmutous time. The recession was looming there was a lot of uncertainty and many told us we were crazy for starting a new business during that period. Luckily, in JDA fashion, we pushed forward. It wasn’t easy, but we are proud to say that exactly 15 years later JDA is thriving. Today, JDA has over 80 clients nationwide, and we've created thousands of friendships.

We are truly a unique company. The most unique thing about us is how we create relationships with our clients and our media partners. We take phone calls on the weekends, we text with the clients about the football games... We truly enjoy the relationships we have and because of that… our customer service is second to none.

Thank you for 15 years, excited to see what the next 15 brings!

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