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Close-up of a sports car's interior highlighting the manual gear shift and steering wheel with a Ferrari logo, set against a dark backdrop with the Jerry DeFalco Advertising logo and the tagline 'Your Full-Service Automotive Ad Agency' with location mentions for Orlando, Boston, and Columbus.
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Red background with icons and text highlighting Jerry DeFalco Advertising's comprehensive services, including Brand/Creative Development, Video Production, Audio Production, Media Buying for TV and Radio with Nielsen ratings, Social Media Management, Analytics, Search Engine Marketing, Shopping and VLAs, Streaming Video, Digital Audio, and OEM Compliance/COOP. Central text exclaims 'We Do It All!' with the JDA logo subtly in the background.
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Graphic explaining Jerry DeFalco Advertising's evolution and partnerships, featuring the JDAi logo overlaid on a futuristic background with digital and AI-related imagery. Text details the company's journey from dissatisfaction with digital agency partners to in-house digital development, culminating in a 2023 collaboration with a multi-billion-dollar corporation to access an AI platform for automotive data analysis, enhancing client strategy with precise vehicle-level recommendations.

Efficient - Effective – Intelligent

JDAi is an AI based digital platform that optimizes Google Search keywords with smart bidding & utilizes Google Shopping, Google Display, Facebook, & Instagram to dynamically link your vehicles… to the consumers who are shopping for them.  Our OTT and Digital Audio capabilities go beyond industry norms to efficiently drive engaging campaigns your consumers.  


Our Digital campaigns reach auto intenders who have been in-market shopping over the last 2 weeks.  We buy search terms that do not compete with your organic sessions, and we focus on dynamically linking the right automobile to the right shopper. 


Every evening, the JDAi Platform scans the inventory of 80,000 auto dealer websites nation-wide.  There are currently 1.3 billion Vin #’s in our inventory.  That consistent day-over-day analysis provides valuable information on every dealer in the USA.  Turn Rate by year/make/model/trim, current days’ inventory supply, competitive pricing, sales effectiveness compared to competition/market and more.  


We have 4.5 million daily shoppers in our 1st party data making JDAi more efficient, more intelligent & more effective.  

What does             do?

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35% commission

15% commission at

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You pay Google & Facebook direct

NO hidden commissions

Budgets are created by the AI and based on your inventory.


  • Market Share 

  • Your competitors Turn Rates

  • Pricing

  • Inventory 

  • Top selling vehicles in your area

  • And MORE!

'Why JDA for Traditional Media?' outlines advantages, including custom creative that motivates, fast turnaround for in-house audio and video production, top 5 media volume for better rates, strong relationships for better placement, and theatre-of-the-mind radio ads with an SNL feel. Features images of a key symbolizing 'Theatre of the Mind', a happy family watching TV, and a woman in a car speaking on the phone, highlighting the engaging quality of JDA's traditional media advertising.
The inside office of Jerry DeFalco Advertising based in Orlando, Florida.

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Jerry DeFalco Advertising

1060 Maitland Center Commons Blvd., Ste. 410
Maitland, FL 32751


(407) 661-3131

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